Staff Recruitment

Similar to admission, recruitment of employees is a tiring process, involves huge volume of data at every single stage that can be managed flawlessly. Employee recruitment module helps to make entire process a swift and smooth procedure.

This module helps concerned authorities to create vacancies where aspirants can submit resume online and apply for a particular position. Schools too can create bespoke vacancy form while acquiring a selection process that is user defined. Schools can further send customized offer letters to the selected candidates.

Employee Information

Managing and maintaining records of a school is no child’s play. The administrative staff, teachers and other staffs are the prime backbone of a school. With the help of the module, schools are able to maintain detailed profile of all employees while keeping a provision for additional fields as per requirement. The schools thus can manage records of all nature while send out notification during renewal.

Details like qualification details, promotions, employment history, promotions and other details can be added. The module further generates identity cards of each employee. This serves as a great tool for employee task management while generates several relevant reports having required information. One can also segregate data with the help of this module.

Employee Attendance

Specifically for a school, staff attendance is a significant feature, considering the need for alternative teachers in case of anyone’s absence. Deputation is important considering the limited time to complete the syllabus before each terminal.