Fee Management

Discrepancies regarding fee collection give way to a chaotic situation. Fee management module comes along with fee dashboard comprising of day’s collection, pending payments, dues receipts and so on. It comes along with an integrated online gateway highly beneficial for parents and schools, saving a considerable amount of effort and time.

It sends fee reminders through notification while managing fee concession and approval process in a much easier way. This module further manages security deposit/ caution money refund in a convenient manner. The module offers flexibility to both schools and parents to perform fee operations a lot more conveniently.

Hostel Management

Hostel management module offers easy accommodation and efficiently maintains a complete list of hostels, number of students accommodated in hostel, fees collection, allotments, and room reservations and so on. The module helps in reducing the number of staff involvement, thus eliminating manual work and paper use.

The module has been designed to manage entire process of admission effectively. It starts with maintaining admission process of students, gathering all necessary details and lastly allotting rooms to students. It also helps in keeping all hostel records like due fees, fees registration, advance fees and others. This helps in efficiently managing all aspects of hostels while acquiring minimum staff to perform all tasks.

With the help of this module, it is easier for schools and colleges to maintain all data with complete security in a single module. Students’ data are managed successfully while generating important reports like list of wardens, students, mess register and others.

Mobile Notification

Parents can now receive notification about daily operations at school. They can be notified during fee reminders, timing of bus pick up/ drop, hostel accommodation payment, exam routine, syllabus assignments, enquiry or any emergency notice.

Additionally, students can also receive several notifications about library issue/ return. The reminder helps to remind you about important things like book return due today, pending fees, planned tasks, important events and so on.

Notifications are also sent out at the time of an emergency. Schools receive notification incase of any bus breakdown or accident. This helps schools to take a justifiable action at the earliest while parents too can take actions accordingly.

Payroll Management

For any organisation, it is important to maintain a database on the attendance of staff, for a quick assessment of the salary to be rendered to them at the end of each month.

Transport Management

School transport is as essential part of daily school operations and at the same time a challenge towards school safety. The module comes along with a dashboard having a graphical representation of route vacancy or occupancy. This is beneficial in management of route-stop and vehicles management having fuel logs. It sends necessary alerts to concerned authorities in times of maintenance or documents expiry.

Parents as well as guardians accept requests regarding any necessary amends. This comes along with GPS tracking that facilitates student attendance in the vehicles. Automating school transport makes it all the more safe and secure. It helps to manage bus routes, bus stops, bus timings, students and fee. Further parents also track the buses in order to ensure child’s whereabouts and safety. On the other hand, school authorities can manage fleet better with the help of tracking feature.