Mobile Notification

Smartphone’s have simplified our way of living. Moreover, the advent of applications has brought about a new meaning of convenience. This mobile app helps in availing real-time notifications while being on the go. With the help of it, parents can receive constant updates of their child.

GPS Tracking and Live Video

The mobile app lets parents track the bus and thus keep pace with its arrival time. Further, you can also view LIVE video of the happenings inside the bus. This helps a parent be well informed about their children, even at work.


If a child studies in a school of which the parent is an alumnus, the parent receives mobile alerts concerning the alumni activities of the same school, be it meetings, discussions, events, reunion or anything that makes the parent an active member of his/her alma mater.


Whether the ward has reached school or not would be made known to parents through mobile notification.

Bus Tracking

Real-time location of a bus, arrival time, drop-off time, pick-up alerts, idling time; the parents will be able to view everything that is related to tracking a bus, on their mobile phones using the Child Secure mobile app.


The parents simply need to make use of the Child Secure mobile app to pay all the fees that the parents need to pay, including tuition fees, library fees, canteen fees, laboratory fees, development fees et al.


The parents would be made aware of how their children are faring in school through the digital diary. In short, the child secure mobile app will notify parents about the remarks made by teachers concerning their children on a daily basis.

Exam Schedule

Parents get to check the exams schedule using the child secure mobile app, thereby giving them a chance to assist their children in the preparation of lessons in advance.


Whenever the school uploads a new picture it is made available to the parents through the child secure mobile app notification.


Not only children but parents can also be notified about daily homework with the Child Secure mobile app so that there exists scope for no lapses.

Notice Board

Parents will get notifications about upcoming school events like sports, excursions, fests etcetera on their mobile app.

Performance Analysis $ Results

Exam results (Unit Tests, Half-Yearly Exam, Mid-term, Annual Test) appear on the Child Secure mobile app which parents can see. He/she can use this app to get an idea about the child’s daily class performance as well.


If parents can get hold of the syllabus by just one click of his/her mobile phone app lesson preparation could be started in advance and children would not have to be burdened unnecessarily at the eleventh hour.

Time Table

Children can make mistakes while arranging their school bags. A child is likely to miss a book or two. Therefore, if parents get an update of the daily routine on their mobile app, they can easily assist the child in preparing the bag.

Discussion Forum

A discussion forum will be like the school’s personal social media page where parents and teachers can discuss certain aspects of school on a single platform. If the entire forum comes in a compact form with the Child Security mobile app, where parents receive regular updates about new perspectives of other parents and teachers on various facets of school operation, nothing could be better.

Elimination of unnecessary paper work

Teachers are able to update daily attendance on the app for parents and students to view. Additionally, syllabus, exam routine or any necessary notice can be uploaded online for everybody to view, thus eliminating unnecessary usage of papers.

Update everything

Mobile phones are the most convenient option, which are available for use on the go. Hence, teachers are able to update all information from the app itself. Moreover, parents too can view them online at any point of time, anywhere in the world. This also keeps parents well informed at all times.

Keep track of students’

The app enables teachers to keep a track of the students’ performance. Moreover, teachers can also update the analysis data online for school authorities and parents to view. It helps teachers to focus on students’ academics and their individual performance.

Assign homework

Teachers can now assign homework online for parents and students to view. No longer do they need to spend time in allocating homework to students while can easily upload it online giving description, due date and download option.

Communicating tool

The app is a revolutionary tool for communication between parents and teachers. Teachers can now do away with time consuming parent teachers meet and can interact through app. All updates or enquiries can be addressed through the app that facilitates an easy communicating medium.

Focus less on admin tasks

All tasks can now be uploaded online that saves a lot of time and energy, giving them more time to invest on students’ academics and less on admin tasks. No longer do teachers need to perform tedious admin tasks that are time consuming and tedious.