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A school is the pivot point of a hundred activities that is difficult to keep track of. A well-equipped management system is the need of the hour that will simplify things. Our e-school management software is well-equipped school management software that helps schools to manage complex functions such as results, fees, attendance, timetable, faculty, library, salary and so on. It has evolved to be a revolutionary mobile/tablet communication tool between a school admin, its students, and parents. The unique features of the software keeps everybody informed and stress free.


Employee Management

content-imageA school is an organic whole. It has many branches and the organism, which is, in this case, a school, works efficiently only when all its parts are in complete harmony. A school is an assortment of various aspects. Besides the obvious components, which are, students and teachers, a proper school has an HR body, the administrative cell, the clerical staff, medical staff and cleaning staff to name a few. Our Child Secure Software is an overseer, that is configured to look after the workings of the employees of a School from their welcome to well-being.

The HR Management module takes care of the comprehensive handling of school employees. It includes

  • HR Management Module
  • Appraisal System
  • Leave Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Parents/ Teachers Interaction
  • Staff Hiring
  • Task Manager

Appraisal System

content-imagePerformance appraisals and reviews are important to push the employees to perform well. And if the process of performance management is automated the result is even better. Not a single employee would miss his/her due appraisal with this software. Everybody would be equally impelled or challenged.

Leave Management

content-image: With this software, an employee can apply for leave online, thereby, reducing the hassle of going up to a manager whenever a leave is required. This software allows the administrative body to receive a leave request and make updates regarding payrolls and reshuffling of the distribution of tasks automatically. The employees can keep track of their leave balance using this software.

Payroll Management

content-imageThis software would prove to be a boon to the accounting department of a school. The employees’ benefits, salary, allowances are digitally recorded and are all-inclusive of the total salary of the worker.

Parents/ Teachers Interaction

content-imageThe School Management software allows teachers and students to interact on an online forum. Teachers get the chance to update the parents about student performance, upcoming exams, daily assignments, events and all the miscellany involved with school operation.

Staff Hiring

content-image: From interview to selection, the entire hiring procedure of new employees happen digitally with this software. The HR Department can operate this software completely. It is possible to fashion the software according to the requirements the school has regarding the hiring process.

Task Manager

content-imageIf a teacher wishes to assign a particular task to any employee of the school regarding any school activity, he/she just needs to put up a notice on the Child Secure mobile app. The assignee would receive a task alert on his mobile app so that he/she can do the needful.

Student management

content-imageThe software lets you avail instant access to the intricate details of students with the help of easy search option. Schools and other institutions can manage student and parents/guardian details with edit and view option. Following are some of the key options that are available in the student management section.

  • Admission Requisition
  • Students’ Attendance
  • Hostel Management
  • Cashless Canteen
  • Library Management
  • Online Curriculum
  • Exams Schedule
  • Performance Analysis
  • Daily Diary

Admission Requisition

content-imageThe admission of a student, beginning from interview to the final selection, happens digitally. All records concerning the selection of students are handled digitally, thereby reducing the extra pressure of the teachers.

Students’ Attendance

content-imageMarking students present is made as easy as drinking water with the Child Secure Mobile app installed on the devices of each teacher. The entire strength of a particular class will be shown by default on the Mobile App. The teacher simply has to deselect the names of those students who are absent and the boring job of calling out names is wrapped up within a few seconds with this digital replacement.

Fees Management

content-imageParents can log on to a digital portal or make use of the Child Security Mobile Application to check on information regarding monthly/annual tuition fees (due and paid), library fees, canteen fees et al.

Report Management

content-image: Students or parents can log on to the digital portal or make use of the Child Secure Mobile Application to check daily upload of assignment, examination, and attendance marks. This solution makes sure that parents and students get regular updates of the performance of a child.

Daily Diary

content-imagePreviously, students kept a school diary where teachers would enter their remarks about a student’s performance or lapses and ask him/her to get it signed by the parents. Children often, in fear of getting scolded, would imitate the signature of their parents and show it to the teachers, thereby missing on a scope to rectify themselves. However, if a school uses a digital diary to notify parents about various ongoings through Mobile App notifications or online portal, transparency between teachers and parents would be maintained.

Cashless Canteen

content-image:Parents no longer have to become apprehensive about giving money to their children. They can now go cashless with a digitized school canteen where all the transactions happen digitally.

Library Management

content-imageParents can pay library-related fees easily through an online transaction which will cover the overall library fees, dues (in case a child crosses the date of the returning of a book), deposition and refunding of caution money etcetera.

Online Curriculum

content-image:With the academic pressure growing everyday children need to prepare lessons in advance to remain up-to-date. If an online curriculum is made handy to him/her, which he/she or his parents can refer to whenever required, the child would be able to prepare lessons more efficiently.

Exams Schedule

content-imageDigital updates of exam schedules, made available on the student/teacher portal or the Child Secure mobile app will reduce the chances of confusions on the student or the parents’ part. Children can start preparing lessons in advance if they get the schedule in hand at the very beginning.

Performance Analysis

content-image:information about the daily performance of a child which covers his/her classroom activities and co-curricular activities including his/her daily conduct would be made available to parents through mobile app notification or online portal.

Hostel Management

content-imageHostel operation includes many factors including the keeping of the record of the number of students, their meals, required supplies, holidays, leave-management of students, their daily departure, and arrival. Our Child Secure software will make the handling of these operations easier by completing most of the jobs automatically.


Advantages for parents

Manage Child’s Daily Activities
Teachers’ Details Accessible
Daily Homework Updates
Syllabus Updates
Exam Routine
Pay Fees Online
Online Submission of

Advantages for Schools

Manage Transport
Send Exam Marks Through App
Handle Admission Process
Collection of Fees
Teacher Roster Management
Payroll For Staff
Streamlined Paperless Process

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The products are awesome, I can keep a track of my daughter's activity and know where she is even if I am out on a tour. Its makes me more comfortable and I know my daughter is safe when I am not around her.

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