Students’ safety is a matter of utmost importance for parents as well for the schools. The present times have brought about an urgent need to provide protection to children while at school, away from home.

Children all over the world are exposed to the threat to safety and we are witnessing its rise each day. It is a dire need for schools to implement a high-tech solution, which will enable strict monitoring, and tracking of students’ movement back and forth the school.

This has brought about the emergence of RFID technology that automatically identifies and reports the tags that are attached to each card.


Passive RFID reader: The passive RFID reader which ranges from 6 meters to 15 meters is a proprietary product of Child Secure that remains fixed at the entrance of the school. A passive RFID card comes with a unique number. Each child gets an issue of this card. It does not emit harmful rays, thereby making it harmless for children to use.

The long-distance RFID Card is capable of reading multiple RFIDs’ in a single instance within a range of 6-15 meters. Once the child enters school, the RFID reader reads the card and sends an instant notification/ text message to a parent’s mobile. Similarly, this process is repeated even when the child leaves school

Active RFID Reader: The Active RFID system consists of readers, tags, and antennas. With this system, the tags need not be energized by the reader. The system uses a battery, that is, replaceable. This system works on Wifi and Bluetooth module, which makes it non-hazardous. The Active RFID Reader makes an instant note of the students’ arrival at school and departure from school.

We at Child Secure have successfully come up with efficient attendance recording solutions with RFID reader which is a smart card based comprehensive attendance and security management system.


Calculating attendance is no big deal anymore. The system is useful for calculating students’ attendance efficiently. By eliminating paperwork, it has brought digitization to the forefront. Now it only takes a second for the attendance to be recorded. It helps in maintaining the daily record of a child’s departure and arrival time back and forth school. This reduces the time and energy spent in calculating the attendance.


The RFID reader enables SMS and GPRS based tracking system. It automatically sends an instant notification to the parents' mobile informing them when the child enters or exits the school.This helps in keeping the worries at bay, especially when at work.


By the term real time, we refer to something that is reported as soon as it occurs. This is true in the case of RFID reader. Parents are bound to receive immediate notifications as and when child enters of leaves school. Reports are available for school to check daily/weekly/monthly attendance reports.

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