Admission Management

Admissions are one of the most pivotal processes for the daily operations in schools. Data management often becomes a cumbersome affair if not handled properly. Our admission management has successfully made entire admission process extremely swift and easy. Each step gets easier with the help of this management system. The solution is efficiently designed to cater to all requirements for streamlining the entire admission process.

Applicants can easily perform online admission without any hassle. No longer do you need to wait in long queues as you can easily fill in registration form, make payment and track the online application status at any time. Schools can also configure all steps involved in admission process for all classes and conduct allotment schedules.

The Management can essentially track the total numbers of enquiries, admission acceptance and perform comparison with the previous years. Daily report on registrations, enquiries, admissions and others help management track the institution strength at any point of time.


Through a centralized notification check, reminders or notices are sent to parents online in a timely manner. The system is integrated like a messaging service to avoid overlooking.

Daily Diary

A diary or an almanac is given by schools to its students. It is, precisely, used to jot down quick notes on regular activities or convey any notice to the parents from the school. Child Secure gives the same service,paperless.


Child Secure software provides a well-drawn integrated system that helps manage homework through mobile application. Teachers can assign homework from school app conveniently anytime and anywhere. Assignments are an important part of a curriculum and helps students gear up for the examinations. This module helps schools create different kinds of homework, assignments, project work and so on.

Schools can assign home work class-wise or section-wise and even to a specific group. Teachers teaching different classes but same subjects can thereby assign same assignment to all students by selecting multiple sections at once. Moreover, teachers can pre-plan and pre-schedule homework for auto publishing on the app.

Additionally, parents are notified regarding any assigned homework through mobile notifications, which ensures there is no communication gap. Similarly, parents can guide students in the completion of tasks assigned to be done at home.


Parents often wants to coordinate with the school authorities and teachers. The school can address the concern through this feature that consumes the least time.

Performance Analysis

A child is enrolled in a school with the objective of attaining holistic education. Thereby, it is an imperative for the school to keep a track on the actual performance of a child. A school needs to know whether from their end they could make a substantial difference in the growth of a child.

Each child has varied degrees of response towards lessons being imparted, so it is important for the school to gauge their methods and improve upon them in case it is less effective. Child secure has come up with a structure that will update and analyze the performance, intimating the parents and help the school assess the course designed by it.

The approach becomes more comprehensive, contributing to easy understanding of majority students.

Therefore, time and now performance analysis can help the school review their input towards a child.

Student Attendance

This system prevents a breach. Through automatic detection, using RFID cards the attendance gets recorded, and the parents are notified. Any irregularity can be instantly and easily traced, thereby, prompt actions taken.

Student Information

The growth of each student needs to be tracked in order to analyze his/her performance over time. Student information is a system of our module that helps in maintaining detailed information about students along with transformations and changes over a period.

Important aspects like demotion, suspension, promotion, transfer certificates can be efficiently handled along with student attendance and fees. Student documents can be directly uploaded that minimizes the use of paper in school. Schools further are able to generate important certificates like bonafide certificates, transfer certificates, character certificates and others.

Through User-define option, schools can add various data fields like hobbies, aadhar card number and others information. Additionally, these fields can also be searched, exported as well as used for the creation of user-defined documents.

Student Image Gallery

A school yearly hosts a wide array of events on various events. These images are stored on the app for parents and students to view. Images of students’ participation and school activities are stored in the gallery.

For parents missing out on school events, they can catch up by turning on the image gallery on app. These images can also be downloaded for later use.