The safety of a child has become the first and foremost priority in the present times. A school is where a child spends a considerable amount of his time. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain an optimum level of safety and security while in school. It requires maximum efficiency and accuracy so that there is no room for casualties.

We at Child Secure have come up with advanced safety methods that will help you to keep your worries at bay. Our innovative venture is the best answer to the school authorities and parents who are busy searching for the perfect solution addressing school bus safety concerns. This venture offers GPS bus tracking systems that help in tackling the student safety issues. It makes sure that students have a safe journey to and forth their schools.


Real-Time Bus Location

Parents, no matter where they are, remain anxious about their children’s security. Children facing difficulties due to the negligence of bus conductors is not something foreign in a country like India. To reduce the stress of parents Child Secure software brings in an opportunity for parents to check the exact location of the bus with their child on it, on his/her way to school or on his way back from school.

The Speed of the Bus

The RFID reader enables SMS and GPRS based tracking system. It automatically sends an instant notification to the parents' mobile informing them when the child enters or exits the school.This helps in keeping the worries at bay, especially when at work.

Idling Time

If a bus takes more time than it needs to bring students to school or take them back from school, both teachers and parents can check the bus’s idling time, which could ensue due to mechanical breakdown, heavy traffic or other such difficulties.

Child Pick-Up Alerts

Parents get an alert notification on their mobile phones as soon as a child is dropped at the school or picked up from school on their way back with the Child Secure software.

Live Video Feed

The Child Security software allows parents to easily check in on what is going on inside the bus if they feel nervous about their child’s safety.